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Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Commerce City, CO

Safe House takes joy in being the best air duct cleaning company in Commerce City, with local technicians offering amazing service for your city!

We offer air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC cleaning to all residential and commercial clients!

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Information About Our Services in Commerce City.

Being an industrial city, there is a lot of bacteria, dust and debris  leading back into your home, which can cause potential health hazards. This is why Safe House has made it their business to keep you and your family safe.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Commerce City, CO

This service will not only keep your family healthy but also may improve the air flow in your heating and cooling system. Cleaning your ducts can prevent dirt and dust from polluting your home.

Having dust can dirt polluting your air can cause allergies and bacteria. When bacteria has built up in your Air Ducts it can cause a bad smell. The bacteria and humidity can cause mold and unwanted pests. Having your Air Ducts clean will improve the quality and cleanliness of your indoor environment.

Ducts are the pipelines used for the hot or cold air that’s coming from your HVAC system and flowing into your home and it's also associated with the ventilation of your property. Signs stating you should have your air ducts cleaned are if you haven’t changed your air filter in months, if there are dust spots visible, and if the airflow isn’t consistent from room to room.
The cleaning process begins with a visual inspection so that the techs know exactly what they are going to face and the extent of the cleaning that needs to be done. Thereafter they continue to clean the supply vents by creating negative pressure to pick up the lint, and then use a rotary brush that goes deep into the return vent to knock the particles off the surface. Once done they use the vacuum to pick up the debris that the brush broke apart.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services In Commerce City, Colorado

Keeping your Dryer Vent clean is crucial. This service is usually done once a year.

Why you should keep you Dryer Vent clean:

  1. When the Dryer Vent is clogged it takes twice as long to dry clothing.
  2. The Dryer would be running on a higher temperature than it usually does and could decrease the lifespan of your dryer.
  3. The dryer can overwork it self and can ignite a fire.

HVAC Unit Cleaning Services in Commerce City, CO

The HVAC system is made up of a heating, ventilation and an air-conditioning unit; some also include an air filtration system. The main purpose for these systems is to provide substantial comfort in your home or property. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association suggests that these equipment be cleaned every 3-5 years. This is simply because a clean HVAC system uses less energy to function and it also improves the indoor air quality.
You should only clean your ducts however , if there is an animal infestation present, if there is visible mold, if there is a noticeable unpleasant odor in your home or if a family member has an unexplained allergy-related illness. Dirty HVAC systems harbor allergens and contaminants that can tamper with the health of the individuals living in your home.

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Reviews From Impressed Clients

Rebecca D. Commerce City, CO

Rebecca D.

Commerce City, CO

I had my Dryer Vents cleaned out and had no idea that kind of filth was in my home, let alone so close to my clothes (ew!). The technician was very informative and professional. The office was super helpful and the technician let me know when he was on the way!

Lauren S. Commerce City CO

Lauren S. 

Commerce City, CO

I was very happy with the service! I had my Air Ducts cleaned in my new home and can already feel the difference in air quality. The technician was very professional and booking an appointment was very easy! 

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Areas We Service

With several trucks and highly trained technicians, Safe House is pleased to cover and service a very large area in the Denver Metro region. Cities and areas that we service include:

  • Adams County, including Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton, Westminster, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood
  • Douglas County, including Lone Tree and Parker
  • El Paso County, including Colorado Springs and Monument
  • Jefferson County including  Arvada, Broomfield, Golden, and Wheat Ridge

We proudly service the following Zip Codes in Commerce City, CO:

80022, 80037

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