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How do you know it is time to clean your dryer vent in your Denver home?

Is it really that important to get your dryer vent cleaned? Yes, indeed it is! And here is the reason why:

One of the most common, and most frightening, dangers of not cleaning your dryer vents in Denver is the risk of house fire. After a while of not cleaning your dryer vent cleaned lint starts to build up within the dryer vent, creating an ambient of various gases which can lead to the perfect environment to start a house fire, on regard to the friction of the dryer vent, plus, the lint equals fire. 

There are at least 320 yearly cases of registered house fires in the Colorado area caused by unclean dryer vents and we assume no one wants to be case 321.

Was this not enough to convince you on getting your dryer vent cleaned? Well we’re sure this will be, did you know that the lint that builds up inside your dryer vent makes your dryer vent consume more energy which means the energy bill is only going one way, and that is all the way up.

Now, you know why you should and why is it important to get your dryer vent cleaned, but, why with Safe House Air Duct Cleaning? Easy, here’s why:

We use top of the line cleaning equipment, including HEPA filtered vacuums and rotary brush snakes..Now let's go deeper into the cleaning process:

-Rotary Brush Cleaning
The lint trap housing and the duct segments have to first be cleaned with a rotary brush. Each of the sections of the dryer vent have to be cleaned. The first thing we do is use the rotary brush to gently clean out each of the segments. This is where many DIY efforts fail. A rigorous brushing of the duct segments can end up damaging them. The cleaning has to be done gently and carefully. This is not as easy as it sounds, since the lint will be stuck fast to the walls of the duct segments. The rotary brushes that you get in hardware stores will work fine if you have a short dryer vent with no curves or turns. However, today, many homes have long vents since dryers are placed in attics, bathrooms, or other places where a long vent is needed to ensure that the duct expels the hot air outside the house. Which means the small rotary cleaning brush you get off the shelves, even when it has flexible segments to make its handle longer, won’t do the job effectively. Which is why dryer vent hose cleaning is done with customized equipment to deal with these longer vents with bends.

-Vacuum Cleaning
After the lint has been dislodged, we clean the dryer vent duct with a vacuum with a powerful suction capability. The dryer vent lint trap and the dryer vent duct have to be vacuumed thoroughly so that all that lint we loosened using the brushes is removed. If required, we do the brushing and vacuuming repeatedly to ensure that the dryer air vent and lint trap housing are completely clean.

-Bird Guard Replacement
Lint isn’t the only reason why you may end up with a clogged dryer vent. One of the other reasons why a dryer vent could get blocked is because tiny animals such as birds, squirrels, rodents, etc. could decide to take up residence in the exhaust vent of your dryer duct. We don’t want to hurt those little animals, so the best thing to do is ensure that there is a bird guard installed at the outside opening of your dryer vent. This guard needs to be cleaned regularly and replaced in a timely fashion. So, as part of our dryer vent solutions, we also carry out bird guard replacement, if required.

-Sanitizing Dryer Vent
Our dryer duct cleaning service is not complete until we have sanitized the dryer vent. After all, there can also be a build up of bacteria and mold thanks to all that moisture, warm air and lint in the vent. By sanitizing the vent, we ensure that all odor causing bacteria are removed.

Professional dryer vent cleaning is the best way to clean your vents, sure u can do it yourself but, with safe house services you won’t have to do it that often, also you will prevent house fires, energy bill increases and pest invasion, our deep cleaning services will have you avoiding all of these issues so, feel free to contact us anytime ur thinking about getting you dryer vent cleaned.

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