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Safe House Air Duct Cleaning offers all residents of Golden, CO professional and high quality vent cleaning !

We offer air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC cleaning to all residential and commercial clients!

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Duct Cleaning for your Home in Golden, CO: Worth it or not?

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Golden, CO

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, in Jefferson County, Colorado, is the city of Golden. Golden is one of Colorado’s oldest and most historic towns. Known for its famous slogan “Where the West Lives”, for being the home of the famous candy Jolly Rancher, and for having the largest brewery site in the world, Golden is one of the best cities in Colorado. Most of the home and business owners in Golden don’t know the importance of having their air ducts cleaned or wonder if it’s worth it or not, Safe House is happy to let you know why having your air ducts cleaned is more than worth it. 

HVAC Unit Cleaning Services in Golden, CO

Do you know how your HVAC System works? If you don’t, let me explain it to you. The air inside your home is pulled into your HVAC System to get cooled or heated and after it’s done traveling through your air ducts, the air is then pushed back out to the inside of your property for you to breathe. If the air ducts are filled with dust and dander, you will be breathing contaminated air. Your house will also get dirty faster as the vents will be blowing dust out of the air vents. These are just one of the many reasons why having your air ducts cleaned in your Golden property is worth it.

Sanitize Treatment of Air Duct System

If you own any pets that shed hair, if you feel that your HVAC System is not being as efficient as it once was, if you just moved to a new property, you should get your air ducts cleaned. When moving to a new property, the first thing you should do as a home or business owner is to get your air ducts cleaned. Why? Because you don’t know how the previous occupants' living conditions were and if it’s a new property, it’s most likely that construction workers didn’t properly clean and all that construction material dirt and dust is built up in your air ducts. If lead paint was used in the property and the lead dust particles get to build up in the air ducts, overtime it can contaminate you leading to lead poisoning. This can restrict the air flow and provide a poor air indoor quality.    

Do you have a fireplace in your home? If you do, you should be getting your air ducts cleaned at least every year. The smoke your fireplace exhausts creates soot that builds up, potentially leading to carbon monoxide poisoning. All the above mentioned are reasons why getting your air ducts cleaned is more than worth it. When getting your air ducts cleaned you are providing a safer, healthier environment for yourself and for others. Safe House Air Duct Cleaning uses the best, high powered tools in the market and ensures its technicians are experts. 

If you are looking to get your air ducts cleaned in the beautiful city of Golden, CO and in surrounding towns llike Morrison, CO and Lakewood CO , contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist you!    

Getting Dryer Vent Cleaning In Golden, CO

Have you noticed a lengthier dry time when you use your dryer doing laundry? Often the issue lies in your dryer vent! A clogged dryer vent can cause a dryer to take a very long time to properly dry clothing. In addition, longer dry times places a greater strain on the blower of your dryer, reducing the lifetime of the dryer appliance as well.
Of course, dryer vent cleaning is always necessary to remove lint buildup to prevent any potential fire hazards! Safe House has Dryer Vent Cleaning services that are available same day and next day in Golden!


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Super easy to schedule and got set with a next day appointment. Team was punctual and very knowledgeable. They cleaned out ducts and dryer. Will use again!

Kelly K, Golden, CO 


Safe house air duct cleaning did an excellent job on cleaning our air ducts. So respectful, did a very clean job and I know that my air is cleaner and healthier!

Betty J.

Golden CO


Amazing customer service! From getting information by phone to speaking to the technician on site the whole process was seamless and the duct cleaning was so thorough. Highly recommend.

Ruth M. Golden CO


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Areas We Service

With several trucks and highly trained technicians, Safe House is pleased to cover and service a very large area in the Denver Metro region. Cities and areas that we service include:

  • Adams County, including Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton, Westminster, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood
  • Douglas County, including Lone Tree and Parker
  • El Paso County, including Colorado Springs and Monument
  • Jefferson County including  Arvada, Broomfield, Golden, and Wheat Ridge

We proudly service the following Zip Codes in Golden, CO:

80401, 80419, 80402, 80403

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