Dryer Vent Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts for Littleton, Colorado homeowners!

1. Dryer Lint Tray

This is the first line of defense that should be looked into! It’s the most obvious one that everyone is aware of, but it should come as no surprise that this should be cleared out after every use! Additionally, if you notice your dryer is taking multiple cycles or overheating, it is definitely cause to investigate!

2. Dryer Vent Hose

Did you know that there are actually different rigidity types recommended depending on your home set up? There are times in the interest of saving a few bucks that owners end up getting the really cheap and flexible ones, but they may be more likely to tear and need replacement, defeating the purpose of saving those few bucks to begin with! Those are intended to run a shorter length in a more enclosed place that demands the flexibility as a last resort option. Consult with a technician to determine which type of tubing would optimally support your home dryer!

3. Bird Guard

Not only can your Dryer Vents get clogged from lint and interior build up, but from the exterior in the form of animal activity as well! It is very common for birds and squirrels to take refuge in these openings because its a source of warmth and shelter. However if they get too comfortable there, a clog is inevitable! Pressure can build up because the heat and moisture can’t escape properly, building a fire hazard over time.